The Works go way back

History of The Works

Who knew that our a cappella group's name could be taken from the side of a public works truck? But alas, it's true. Named for the Cambridge Public Works Department, "The Works" realized that the name we adopted was fun and had numerous relevant meanings, not having anything to do with sanitation or road improvements.

In 1994, Boston-area residents Dan Gorin and Sarah Lazarus met at Spring Sing, an annual gathering of a cappella singers, where Dan was performing with a Hartford group, the Spare Parts. Sarah, having watched her sister sing in Jersey Transit and her mother lead one of the original Spring Sing groups, the Opposite Sextet, was eager to join an a cappella group herself.

After deciding to form a Boston group, they invited veteran a cappella singer and former Boudinote member Bev Jaques to join them. In the early years, The Works had a number of members and configurations, but ultimately several members of the all-men's group, The Bosstones, joined and we became first a group of five, featuring Fred Jordan, Patrick Rafter and the three original members, and grew to six when another former Bosstone, Dana Cetlin, also joined our ranks.

After Bev's retirement from the group, soprano Jill Blaszkowsky, a former Tufts Amalgamate, joined to fill out the women's vocal parts.

In 2012, we had a tragic loss with the passing of our wonderful bass Fred Jordan. We decided to expand our ranks to provide flexibility on parts and performances and find a way to move forward after our loss. Sky Lance, who sang with the University of Michigan Glee Club, and Betsy Rosen, who was with the Colgate Swinging Gates, joined in short order. Then in the Fall of 2016 we added alto Ruthanne Brown, who sang with the Tufts University Jackson Jills.

Over the years, The Works has performed for audiences ranging from a 3000-person conference at Disney World to intimate private parties, and at venues such as schools, fundraising events, a cappella festivals and corporate functions. We look forward to bringing our special blend of music to you.