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Bio bloopers:

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The following were "place keeper" bios created by the site developer before he had a complete list of actual names and bios.
Fanny Boom-boom


Fanny likes to have a kick-ass good time. Boy, you can bet that the police are familiar with her address. What a card! In her spare time, Red enjoys shooting rocket-propelled grenades at GOP fund-raisers. She also has seven cats! Fox enjoys needlepoint, backgammon, and cliff-diving. He's also fluent in Urdu. Patrick is OUT OF CONTROL!!! My God, man, that time in Rio?! With the water-hose...? and the stripper?!! Just crazy, man. Sarah is the nice one. No one ever says anything mean about Sarah. (Or you'll be killed.) Grins is currently out on parole. No worries. Dan is the man. Need something done? Call Dan. He'll do it. (For the right price.) Dan also has an extensive collection of argyle sweater-vests.